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IAF Secretary Adelaide


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Mid North Regional Branch

Regular film nights at the Blyth Cinema and other events through the year. For information about this activity please contact: Sally Michael


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Welcome to the Independent Arts Foundation

The IAF is a non-profit membership organisation managed entirely by volunteers. Its role is to support the development of the arts in South Australia by contributing grants to individuals who wish to develop their work, locally, interstate and overseas, particularly young, emerging artists, writers, actors, performers and musicians, or to projects that benefit young and emerging artists. The grants are administered by the IAF and a number of other organisations as listed below.The IAF is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations (RoCO) which allows us to receive tax deductible donations. For further information, click on the Grants and How to Apply tab above.

The IAF in its current form was established in 1991 and now has two branches; Adelaide and the Mid North regional branch in Blyth. For a brief history, click here.

The IAF raises funds through an ongoing program of events of events including:

  • Monthly film nights at the Trak Cinema in Adelaide followed by optional dinner at a local restaurant
  • Monthly film night followed by an optional dinner in Blyth, organised by the Mid North Regional Branch.
  • Monthly literary club dinners with authors as guest speakers. 
  • Luncheons and gatherings with guest speakers and performers.
  • Group theatre party bookings.

See the Activities and Events page for more details. All the events represent excellent value for money and all proceeds go to supporting young and emerging artists.

Information about IAF Board members can be found in the July 2016 Newsletter

To become a member, click here.

The IAF supports individual artists and a number of organisations including:

  • The Neil Curnow $10,000 Theatre Scholarship
  •  An Adelaide Fringe project for local artists
  • The Media Resource Centre South Australian Screen Awards
  • The Adelaide Critics’ Circle Awards through the IAF Innovation in the Arts Award
  • Franz Kempf Printmaker Award
  • June S. Tanner Memorial Scholarship, and
  • Young South Australian artists who wish to develop their work, locally, interstate and overseas

The benefits of membership include:

  • Receiving discounts for all IAF functions   
  • Meeting local and visiting artists   
  • Meeting new friends with a common interest   
  • Hearing a wide variety of authors talk about their work   
  • Attending screenings of newly released films   
  • Attending events with friends   
  • Knowing that supporting the IAF also supports the arts in South Australia.

Membership fees are an important method of fund raising, so even if you cannot participate in all of these events, you may wish to become a member in order to contribute to the various awards that the IAF supports or make a tax deductible donation. Come and join us.


The IAF is a proud to support The Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment (ASSBI) Art Exhibition 3-5th May 2018. For a report, click here.

Boomers or Bust - older audiences, arts and entertainment

IAF has completed a major project to ascertain older people's attitudes and behaviour relating to attending arts and entertainment events and develop ways of encouraging attendance by making this an easier and more affordable proposition as they become more time-rich. As people grow older, we need to know what affects their decisions to attend, or not. In particular, what are the factors that discourage people from attending? Is it the cost, lack of transport, a reluctance to travel at night or a reluctance to go to the theatre if they are now alone? The project was conducted by IAF Members: Frank Ford AM, Greg Mackie OAM, Convenor and Researcher Vincent Burke.

The full report can be downloaded by clicking here. For more information, see Addendum 1, Addendum 2, and Addendum 3.