Current IAFgrant recipients are listed below along with their reports:

Charles Sanders, recipient report 2019

Jane Skeerecipient report 2018

Cayleigh Davies recipient report 2018

Jess Taylor recipient report 2018

Angelica Harris recipient report 2018

Brittany Plummer recipient report 2018

Angus Leighton recipient report 2017

Kristen Coleman recipient report 2017

Lochlan Smith recipient report 2017

Dan Bradley recipient report 2017

Nancy Downes recipient report 2017

Geordie Little recipient report 2016

Screen Maker recipient report 2016

Cory McMahon recipient report 2016

Nicholas Canon recipient report 2016

Velvet Chase Productions recipient report 2016

Lucy Turnbull recipient report 2016

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The Franz Kempf Printmaker Award (Biennial)

For a list of recipients, click here.

June S. Tanner Memorial Scholarship

For a list of recipients, click here.

Neil Curnow Award

For a list of recipients, click here.

The Media Resource Centre of South Australia Screen Awards

For a list of recipients, click here.

BelowJacqui Carias is a recipient of a 2016 IAF Award. She embarked on a music development tour to South America, visiting many countries and working with leading tango musicians. In this performance on Sunday 9th October 2016, she presented some of her special pieces! Jacqui was joined by her friend and colleague Larissa Schneider on the grand piano.